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Santucci Productions has over 15 years of experience helping clients create the tools they need to see their projects and events succeed. From operations logistics consulting to site plan creation, we help you put it all together, thoughtfully and purposefully. With 15 years of multi-industry experience on our clients' sides, we are there to listen and help you make efficient and effective decisions ensuring every element of your event or project is accounted for. 

Operations Logistics Consulting | Site Plan Creation (AutoCAD)   | Pre-build Visualizations   |  Space Optimization  | True-to-life Map Creation

Outdoor and Indoor Events | Music Festivals | Concerts | Arenas | Parks | City Streets | Office Space Layouts | Construction Work Layouts


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"I have worked with Damian for many years now. I find him to be the most professional resource and a collaborative team player helping tackle every challenge and issue as it arises. His CAD skills are excellent and his floor plans and site plans always a integral part of complicated events."

—  Cal Nathan, iDeko Productions

"I worked with Damian throughout my 8 years at the Mayor’s Office, where I was responsible for permitting events in Times Square and have continued to work with him since.  Damian has a unique set of skills, a vast knowledge base and unparalleled experience working on events and handling difficult and complex situations."

—  Emil Lissauer, SVP Capilano and Company



Damian Santucci

Damian began his career in theater on and behind the stage at the Fordham Theater Company where he gained the fundamentals of a live show. Trading in on-stage for backstage, Damian headed to Madison Square Garden where he spent 10 years working for the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and Arena Event Productions, respectively. For the New York Rangers and College Athletics, he directed in-arena presentation. For Arena Event Production, he produced over 450 events annually as one of five Production Managers. At the same time, he served as Head Draftsman, drawing out all arena and theater events across all MSG properties. After 14 years running, Damian still directs in-arena presentation for over 45 college athletic events a year. 

In 2010, Damian left the world's busiest private space for the world's busiest public space: Times Square. For the past nine years, Damian has served as the Director of Production & Operations for the Times Square Alliance, where he manages all operations, logistics and production that keep Times Square functioning. In addition to overseeing the Sanitation and Public Safety teams, Damian also helps produce all public and private events on the plazas, including major special events such as New Year's Eve. In addition to being used for events, his extensive use of AutoCad has expanded to the urban planning field, enabling the Alliance to advocate for public policy changes at a City level with the plans Damian has created to more efficiently manage the 400,000+ people who flow through Times Square, daily.

Damian Santucci




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